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Health Education is an important factor in keeping Northampton County citizens healthy. Northampton County Health Department has two health educators on staff who offer education and information on a

New mothers receive a packet of information for each trimester she reaches with factors she needs to be aware of during each stage of her pregnancy in the Maternity Health clinic on Mondays. The health educator reviews this information and answers all questions the patient may have.

Family Planning education is also offered through the Family Planning clinic on Wednesdays. Information on the different methods of birth control, self-breast exams, etc. is available.

Northampton County Health Department health educators work hard to recognize the needs and risks in this county. This information is compiled and ultimately results in the Northampton County

Northampton County Health Department also participates in the Healthy Carolinians Taskforce, which among other things, addresses a specific national health observance every month.

One of the health educators also serves as the Health Department's Preparedness Coordinator. She works closely with Public Health Preparedness Regional offices, Emergency Management, EMS, and Local Law Enforcement to ensure that the community is prepared for any kind of disaster whether it be pandemic flu, hurricanes, tornados, floods, terrorist attacks, etc.

Program contacts:

Kysha Gary, Health Educator II, Healthy Carolinians Taskforce Coordinator  252-534-5841  (ext) 6019

Megan Vick, Human Services Planner/Evaluator II  252-534-5841   (ext) 6024

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