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Environmental Health

Northampton County Health Department Inspections


Do you drink water, eat in restaurants, swim in a public swimming pool,  or have a family member in a nursing home?  The health of Northampton County citizens is affected every day by the work done in our Environmental Health Department.  This department is committed to protecting and improving our citizen's health by enforcing state and local laws and ordinances.

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Northampton County Health Department Animal Control




Effective July 1, 2018, Northampton County Animal Control will be housed in the Sheriff’s Department rather than the Health Department.  Please call the Sheriff’s Department at (252) 534-2611 with calls concerning animal pick-up, cruelty, complaints, etc.

Animal shelter operations will remain under the Health Department.  For rabies vaccination, adoption, and lost pet inquiry calls, please continue to call the Northampton County Health Department at (252) 534-5841 ext. 617 Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm.

For comments, questions, or concerns please visit www.northamptonhd.com or call the Health Department at (252) 534-5841.



Rabies Information

N.C. State law requires all dogs and cats, once they reach the age of 4 months to be vaccinated for Rabies and to wear Rabies Tags at all times.

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