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Rabies Information

N.C. State law requires all dogs and cats, once they reach the age of 4 months to be vaccinated for Rabies and to wear Rabies Tags at all times.


The Animal Control Shelter is directed through the Environmental Health Section of the Health Department.  The Animal Control Officer does stray pick-ups, handles animal bites, and provides adoption services.   Citizens who live within a city limit, please contact your local police.

Fees:  Northampton County Rate
First Time Impoundment & Board 25.00
Second Time Impoundment & Board 30.00
Quarantine 50.00
Board for each day including weekends & holidays after initial day 5.00
Rabies Vaccination, if animal unvaccinated for in-county residents 10.00
Rabies Vaccination, if animal unvaccinated for out-of-county residents 13.00
Animal picked up, not wearing identification, but not impounded 10.00


NOTE:  All reclaimed animals or adopted animals must have proof of current Rabies vaccination at

re-demption or have ACO/Licensed Veterinarian vaccinate the animal at the above charge.  All animals vaccinated by ACO will be considered a one year vaccine.



DOGS & CATS / per Animal

No Rabies Vaccine after 4 months 50.00
No Proof of Rabies Vaccine
Illegal receipt of Rabies vaccine

Program hours:

Monday - Friday   8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  except holidays.

After hours call the  Northampton County Sheriff's Department  252-534-2611.

Program contact:

Animal Control Office    252-534-5841   (ext) 617

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